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Our Stratified Legal Profession: How Blogging Will Change It

From this Press Release, I learned about a new book, Urban Lawyers, by John Heinz and University of Chicago Professor Edward Laumann, that examines Chicago’s legal profession using data gathered as part of an American Bar Foundation study conducted in 1994/95.  That’s too bad, because while the book sounds intriguiging and confirms much of what…

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Need Help Compiling Top Ten Reasons to Shingle

Hello, readers!  I’d like to put together a Top Ten List for my sidebar of reasons that lawyers should consider hanging out a shingle.  GAL posted something similar here, a list of the benefits of being an independent practitioner. For me, the reasons for going solo include autonomy, flexibility to achieve balance with family, an…

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Solos Learn From Clients’ Bad Experiences

Within the past few months, I read an article, I believe at by a large firm associate, complaining about how much she disliked when other people she encountered shared their negative experiences with other attorneys.  (as I recall, in this case, the hotel bellhop had cornered her).  The associate wrote that she didn’t quite…

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Free Legal Research For Louisiana

Ernie the Attorney reports that the Louisiana Bar is offering Fastcase, a legal research service, free to its members.  Louisiana thus joins the twenty other bar associations that offer Casemaker, another free research service.  What I noticed about Fastcase is that it includes access to district court decisions dating back to the 1950’s.  This impressed…

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Starting A Firm May Be the Only Escape from Biglaw Culture

Tony DiRomualdo has this interesting article, Why Corporate Culture Counts, at the Wisconsin Technology Network. (7/7/05) that discusses the relationship between corporate culture and values.  He identifies examples of companies like Southwest, where positive corporate culture boosts employee morale, giving the company a leg up on competition.  But on the other side of the scale,…

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More on Unbundling

In the past, we’ve posted some articles on unbundling of legal services because it offers revenue possibilities to solo and small firm lawyers whose clients may not have the resources to fully fund legal services.  Here’s another article on unbundling, Law Firms Find Revenues in Unbundling, National Law Journal,  July 6, 2005, that reports on…

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Finding An Office By Playing Softball

Not all networking needs to be as formal and nervewracking as a singles party.  Sometimes, you get to know colleagues in a more relaxed environment through activities like a bar softball  softball league, as described in this article, League Creates Connections On and Off the Field, Baltimore Business Journal (7/3/05).  The article describes how one…

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More Biglaw Attorneys Starting Solo Biglaw Practices

We’ve more news to report about former biglaw attorneys who, like the biglaw attorneys here and here, have put out their shingles.  What’s unique about all of these new law firms is that they focus on practice areas like securities law, business transactions and communications which have traditionally been within the domain of large firm…

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7 Ways Practice Management will Help You Get a Head Start in 2018

When you’re able to accomplish more in less time, everyone wins. Your clients will get more for each billable hour they invest in you, and you’ll make more money. A lot more. Consider this: If a lawyer, who charges $365 an hour (the median rate for a consumer law attorney[1]), bills one extra hour per week, they will earn an additional $18,980 annually.