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If It Sounds Too Good To Be True….

For Robyn Glassman-Katz, the gig with lemon law firm,  Kimmel and Silverman must have seemed like nirvana; an opportunity for a lawyer with limited consumer law experience to run a branch office of a nationally known law firm.  Likewise, Kimmel and Silverman must have believed that it hit the jackpot when it found Glassman-Katz, a…

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Contest for Website Tune-Up and Book on SEO

Tom O’Leary of The Attorneys ATM is holding a contest offering a free website tune-up as a prize.  In addition, all entrants receive a free copy of his e-book, How To Dominate Google, Yahoo and MSN" To enter the contest, go to this link.  Below, is my interview with Tom, where he describes his background…

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