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In Praise of the Long Journey

In an age where we envy quick success – the dotcom that grows from garage to gargantuan in eighteen months, the blogger who gets a book deal after three months – artist in turn lead to break-out success.  Five years later at 94, Herrera is savoring the financial remuneration and notoriety from a lifetime of…

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An Ebook on What Matters

One of my favorite “ideas” people (for want of better classification) is Seth Godin.  Godin has an eye for trends.  No other blogger spots them as far in advance or articulates them quite as well.  This week, Godin is offering a freebie:  an ebook entitled What Matters Now.  The book is comprised of contributions from…

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Blogging: It’s a Matter of Trust

Call me old fashioned, but I believe that my word is my bond, something that you can trust.  My blog is comprised of many, many words, all of which form a trusted bond with my audience and other bloggers.   I worked hard to establish this trust and I take it seriously, as do most legitimate…

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MyShingle Turns Seven

Today, MyShingle celebrates its seventh birthday.  When I started back in 2002, there were only 100 blogs and now, blogging is all the rage.   And though I do take some pride that I was ahead of the curve, I didn’t start MyShingle to be trendy.  Instead, I wanted to shine a spotlight on what’s been true…

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Social Media Brings Lawyers Back to the Future

H/T Amy Campbell’s Weblog (I threw in this video because it’s somewhat related to my post but more so for marketing to a company.  My post relates to consumer marketing.  Read on and you’ll see what I mean). When it comes to social media, most lawyers aren’t first movers.  And in light of this recent…

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