MyShingle Fashion: Trend Alert: These Boots Were Made For Walkin’

Great, now the old Nancy Sinatra song is stuck in my head. You know who was awesome? Her dad, Frank. His buddy Dean was my personal favorite, though. When I was 11, my dad rented “Scared Stiff,” saying that he remembered being a kid in Pakistan and seeing it and thinking Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis were hilarious. It was black and white, so me and my brother were sure it was going to be terrible, but we watched it to humor my father and we ended up absolutely loving it.

After that, we made it a point to get our grubby little hands on every Martin&Lewis flick we could, and after we saw them all, we moved on to the Rat Pack. All throughout junior high and high school, I was madly in love with Dean Martin. I own basically every song he ever recorded, along with a bunch of his “live at the Sands” sessions with Frank and Sammy.

That had nothing to do with anything, except for the fact that Nancy Sinatra sang about boots and walking all over people, and today’s post is about one of the season’s biggest and most versatile trends: the sky-high boot.

I’m going to take you through a couple of the styles and choices available out there, and as always, just click on the image to purchase. Some of these aren’t exactly work-appropriate – they might be just a little too sexy. But some of them are, and I figured you could use your best judgment, and save the others for a fun night out. I tried to snag different styles in different price ranges, so let’s get to it.


Oh, man, do I love Stuart Weitzman shoes. I love them all. Some girls go nuts for Manolos, some for Jimmy Choos (okay, I love those, too), some for Tory Burch, but I doubt the power of any shoe to make me as happy as Stuart Weitzman shoes.

…That sounds horrendous and pitiful and like the mark of a truly awful person.

Whatever – you tell me those shoes aren’t all different shades of pretty.


Not a fan of heels? Wedges are easier to walk around in, and these brown boots are lovely anyway.


For all the wedge fans, the shearling fans, and the Tory Burch fans. (I don’t like these. But then again, you don’t need to worry about what I think. If you like them, that’s all that matters.)


Not every girl wears black boots. Some love brown. (Like the fictional character Lily Aldrin on How I Met Your Mother – I don’t think I’ve ever seen her wearing black boots! She always opts for different shades of brown.)


These riding boots from Zappo’s come in several different colors and look super comfortable. They’d be great worn with tights and a sweater dress, or with jeans and a cute top. They’re casual and easy-going, but it’s easy to still look put together and polished in riding boots.


You can also go for suede, if you’re not feeling the leather look. Suede boots have been big for a while, and the trend is still going strong.


I love the crumpled, slouchy boot look! And this color is just perfect. I love everything about this Inca boot.


Yep, I’m back to the Stuart Weitzmans. What can I say? They make me happy! I love the contrast stitching on these. I’m so easy to please.


Last one, last one. And yes, more Stuart Weitzmans. These have a bit of a heel to them, but it’s a thick, stacked, normal-kind-of-heel. Not a heel-heel. And they’ve got that awesome crumpled, slouchy thing going on. Plus, the color is awesome.

And there we have a bunch of tall, tall boots – one of the most versatile trends happening right about now. Even if the super sexy lace-ups aren’t your thing, consider snagging a pair of cute leather riding boots instead.

Shall I suggest…the Stuart Weitzmans?

…Okay, fine, I’ll see myself out.