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MyShingle: Warm, Laid-Back Style

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Everything is dreary and dull outside, with overcast skies and small, dejected piles of grey and black snow, so I felt like putting together something comfortable with warm colors. Some days, you just don’t want to put on the silk blouse and the pumps – you want something a little more easy-going, something low-maintenance.

If you’re having one of those days, try something like this outfit on for size:

Bootcut Pants in Mask Brown ………. $39.99
3/4 V-Neck Sweater in Wintergreen ………. $48
Yellow Cotton “Nomad” Beaded Scarf ………. $34
Buzz Loafer in Brown ………. $49.95

I have always liked green and brown together. You can go with a cool, dark brown or a lighter, warm brown like the one I picked, and with different effects. I wanted a warmer looking outfit so I picked the lighter brown with these flattering bootcut pants.

The sweater comes in a nice, bright green: simple and effortless, but still bold and pretty. It felt a little bare (and like the neckline was a wee bit low that some might be comfortable with) so I tossed on this eye-catching yellow beaded scarf. I love scarves – they’re a great way to add some interest and flair to what might otherwise be a ho-hum outfit.

And since most of us spend our work day running around, I threw in a pair of brown loafers with a stacked 2″ heel. I was going to go with comfortable flats, since this is supposed to be a laid-back look, but I thought a little better of it. These shoes add height without being difficult to walk in – the heel is a mere 2″ and it’s stacked. Stacked heels are much, much easier to get around in than thin ones.

Besides, let’s just be honest, these shoes will probably be slipped off under your desk, anyway! That’s the best part of the morning at work: taking your shoes off under your desk. Provided your socks are clean. Otherwise, your office popularity will probably take a hit.

There really is a lot to be said for being comfortable while being hard at work, and with this outfit, you’ll be just that while still looking put together.

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