As part of MyShingle’s recent facelift (more on that in a subsequent post), today, we announce the launch of our online job fair. Because the entire law school recruiting process and job fairs revolve around biglaw and the handful of students these firms hire, I got to thinking that it was time for a modernized version of the legal job fair that serves the rest of us.

The MyShingle OnLine Job Fair serves:

Solo and small law firms looking for full or part-time associates, law clerks or apprentices or project-based support for tasks such as legal research, video editing, cybersecurity enhancements or social media training.  What sets the MyShingle OnLine Job Fair apart from other matching platforms is that solo and small firm lawyers can access fresh talent (albeit with less experience) at low cost who they can train or assign to simpler, routine matters.

Legal tech companies that want to improve the quality of their products and enhance their credibility in the industry by bringing attorneys on board for secondments, or using them as beta testers, mentors and consultants. Our Legal Tech Connect service will put your company in touch with innovative lawyers of all experience levels avid to change the profession.

Lawyers of any career stage, including recent grads and law students – who generally don’t quality to register for other match sites. Our platform gives you a chance to proactively share your profile with potential employers instead of waiting until a job is posted.

To learn more about the MyShingle OnLine Legal Job Board, visit . For the next 60 days, use of the site is completely FREE. That’s right – you can list your profile or available positions for no cost whatsoever. After 60 days, we’ll re-evaluate – but we’ll still offer substantial discounts to early adopters so don’t wait!