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MyShingle Turns Eleven

Sometime in the evening of December 9, 2002, I clicked the enter button and launched MyShingle’s inaugural post into cyberspace. My blog has created some great opportunities — but eleven years is also a long, long time to be blogging. Each year, more blogs emerge and it becomes increasingly difficult to stay relevant and keep…

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Celebrating A Decade At MyShingle

Ten years ago yesterday, I pushed the “enter” key and launched on to the World Wide Web.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I fell in love with the medium and my solo/small beat so I just couldn’t stop.  But this blog has been so much more than just a place to write…

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A Blog Post for My Father

This blog has been dark for several days, since my father died on Saturday, an unbearably sad event made worse by the circumstances surrounding his passing. Temporarily, our family has put these events out of our mind to focus on his life and our memories like these. Regular postings will resume early next week. My…

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MyShingle Celebrates Its 9th Blawg-i-versary

On December 9, 2002, I launched MyShingle into the blawgosphere with this Welcome Post. At the time, I had no idea where my site was headed but I was excited to join the first generation of legal blawgers, particularly as one of the few solos among them. Over time, the seeds that I planted took…

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Blawg Review #215

It’s 2:30 am on the morning of World Oceans Day, as I sit here drowning in a sea of submissions for Blawg Review #215.  Buoy, I’m in trouble, with a sinking feeling about all I have yet to do.  But before I sail into the heart of this post, let me share with you why I…

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Celebrate MyShingle’s 6th Birthday With Two Great Contests

Close to midnight six years ago, I pushed a button and with this post, launched MyShingle into cyberspace.  I didn’t have a grand plan or scheme — to be honest, I hardly qualified to write a blog about solo and small firm practice.  Back in 2002, Foonberg dominated solo-land as the only game in town…

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Happy Fifth Anniversary, MyShingle [Updated Post]

Five years ago, I launched with this Welcome Message, proclaiming my vision. Here’s an excerpt: What we’d like to convey here in this welcome message is our vision of as a site which captures and reflects the innovative, pioneering and “can do” spirit of solo and small firm practice and gives voice, presence…

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My Shingle Turns 4 (slightly revised as of 12/7/06)

In honor of MyShingle’s 4th anniversary, here’s a gift for readers.  First, my original Welcome Message which I retrieved from the Wayback Machine since I still haven’t successfully uploaded my pre-Typepad files (I still long for the days of slash).  And here’s a look perhaps into MyShingle of the future:

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