From Regulatory Biglaw Attorney to Cutting Edge Reproduction Specialist

What you may want to know upfront is that this article, Fatherhood by a New Formula, Sandra Boodman, Washington Post (1/18/05) isn’t really about small firm attorneys.  Rather, it’s more about a growing trend of gay men who are becoming dads using egg donors and a gestational surrogate.  But in the course of reading the article, I noticed that Diane Hinson, one of the preeminent attorneys in the field – and who started a firm,  Creative Connections LLP was once a corporate communications regulatory attorney.   According to the article, Hinson, a Harvard Law School graduate, stopped practicing communications
law to start the firm, a move she said was prompted by personal
experience. Several years ago when she was single, Hinson adopted a
baby, which she calls “the best thing I ever did.”

Which brings me to yet another advantage of starting one’s own firm – it offers the opportunity to completely reinvent one’s career.  And for myself, an attorney with a partial energy regulatory practice who’s not always so excited about that field, thought that such an opportunity is always available to me gives me hope on days when I’m bored to tears.

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