More Marketing Tips – For When Business is Slow

January must be national marketing month for lawyers.  Here’s yet another article on marketing, this one by Kimberly Fanady on What to Do When the Phone Stops Ringing , Small Firm Business (January 10, 2005).   There’s likely to be at least one tip in the article that may work for you – and by turning your focus to marketing, you’ll distract yourself from that panicky feeling that the phone may never ring again.

One tip that Fanady suggests that has worked for her is joining a club that coincides with your interests –  in her case, a bridge club and running club.  While the idea intrigues me, I’m not sure how one goes about bringing up business when everyone else is focused on playing bridge or running.  If anyone has ever could give an idea of how this transition from a social interaction to a business relationship evolves, I’d love to hear it and share with readers.