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Help Wanted At My Shingle – Law or College Student

Wanted Immediately:  law student or college student to assist with several upgrades to the site and restoration to its original format.  Student should have blogging experience, ("plawdcasting" experience and/or abilities as well even better), rudimentary knowlege of HTML code (or ability/willingness to learn a couple of quick basics) and strong web-based research skills.  Individual should…

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The Law School Consortium

Here’s a news item about the Law School Consortium.  It’s a program that recognizes the role that solo and small firm lawyers play in meeting the legal needs of the poor – and provides support for those who choose that route: [CUNY Program Director Fred] Rooney calls this Low Bono legal assistance. By joining forces,…

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Being Nice Can Pay Off

Lawyers take different approaches to litigation – some believe that a threatening, aggressive demeanor produces results, some prefer a cool, professional air (think robotic!), others adopt a good old boy, blackslapping friendliness.  This post by Seth Godin persuasively argues in favor of the power of being nice.  (among other things, you may save your client…

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The Most Important Marketing Advice You Can Read

Some of the most important marketing advice you can find doesn’t come from law marketing gurus who counsel lawyers on what they think clients want.  Rather, it comes from articles such as this one, How To Hire A Lawyer (NJ Star Ledger, 3/27/05) that advise prospective clients on what to look for in retaining a…

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In light of the proposed

In light of the proposed bankruptcy legislation that would make credit counseling a mandatory prerequisite to a bankruptcy filing, a few of my solo colleagues have considered offering debt reduction services as part of their practice.  For those considering this option, be sure to read David Giacalone’s post about what can go wrong with debt…

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Do the Gutsy Thing

What’s the nerviest thing that you’ve ever done to bring in clients?  For me, I suppose it’s been cold calls, though I’ve always longed to do more.  For example, every time I attend a dull alumni lunch or bar event, I yearn to stand up, ting my glass and introduce myself and my practice.  What…

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Re-energize Your Practice

Solo practice keeps a lawyer so hopping, what with networking lunches, new client consultations, sending out bills and studying up on new areas of law that it’s hard to believe in those early years that it can ever turn dull or boring.  But it does.  And if that’s how you’re feeling about your practice now,…

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Getting Knocked Down, Getting Back Up

Any lawyer who’s been in practice more than a week has been there, on the losing side.  It may be losing  a massive multi-million dollar trial or simply being bested by an opponent in a heated negotiation.  But while getting clobbered is never enjoyable, we’ve got to get back up and ready ourselves for more. …

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Running Your Small Law Firm to look like a Large Law Firm

Let’s face it, as a solo or small law firm you’re pulled in multiple directions. Not only do you practice law, but you also need to run AND grow a small business.