Well readers, the day is finally here:  The facelift for MyShingle.com is finally complete.  Readers can finally access our OnLine Guide and pre-November 2004 archives (menu, upper left column), enjoy reading stories without endlessly scrolling through long narrow columns and navigate a page that’s fresh looking and properly aligned.  Todd Chatman (a law student who blogs at Ambivalent Imbroglio) handled the redesign in accordance with my requests and I recommend him highly to anyone who’s in need of similar services.

I know that this Shingle isn’t the same as my original and beloved slashcode based site
that I worked so hard to design before I went live in December 2002.  I
loved the uniqueness of the slash site and the robustness of the
software and had hoped to return my blog to that format.  Alas, I
finally had to admit that I simply did not have the time – and could
not find the tech support – to address problems that would arise in the
slash site.  So against my initial misgivings, I’ve come around to the
more user friendly and compatible Typepad. 

In moving forward, I think I’ve developed a site that will support more
readers and operate more dependably in the long run.  But I’ve lost
some of the freshness and uniqueness that I had with slash when I
started out.  And that’s the same transition that I’ve experienced in
going from new solo-hood to a more established practice; trading the
heady excitement of my earlier shoe-string days for more stability (not
to mention more income) but a little bit more staidness as well. 

Anyway, welcome to the new site.  I can still make changes or additions
that will make it more useful resource for inspiring solo and small law