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News from the Home Office Front

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For those solos who work from home or are thinking about doing so, here are two articles of interest.  First, from the Washington Post (4/3/06) comes this article, Working at Home, and Not Alone, about spouses who both work from home and how they negotiate their space.  And for those who already work from home, Grant Griffith offers this test to see if maybe you’ve outgrown your home office.

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    Office is a place where a person spends almost half of his day.Therefore it must be made really comfortable ,so that you don't face any problem while you are there.A comfortable office makes your work much much easier.

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How to Minimize the Time You Spend on Administrative Tasks

Did you know up to 40% of time in a small law firm is spent on non billable, administrative work?  That means you are basically working for free after 2 p.m.