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Another Biglaw Attorney Headed for Smaller Pastures

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For many lawyers, reaching the top of biglaw is enough.  But not Corliss Scorggins Lawson, former chief of biglaw firm Lord, Bissell & Brook’s Atlanta office, who’s just left her post to strike out on her own, as reported in  Lord, Bissell’s Top Atlanta Attorney Leaves to Start Her Own Shop, Fulton County Daily Report (5/25/06).   From the article

Lawson, 43, caused a splash two years ago when she became the first African-American woman to head a large law firm office. But she resigned from the firm on May 9, ending her career-long tenure at the firm.  She said she’s starting her own firm because she wants the freedom to chart her own course — a desire that seems reflected in her decision to use her given name for the firm, which will open June 1 in the Fayetteville, Ga., historic district, near her home.

Lawson now knows what most of us solos have realized for a while:  biglaw may be a big place, but it’s not big enough to fit your name on the door.  Here’s to the addition of another distinguished lawyer to shingling.

  • That’s an encouraging piece. Thanks.

  • That’s an encouraging piece. Thanks.

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