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On December 7, 2002, I launched, a weblog for and about solos and small law firms. At the time that I created the site – ancient history in Internet time- there was no comprehensive site dedicated to the demands and desires of solos and small law firms, the clients we serve and others in the legal profession who use our services or dream of going out on their own. Moreover, much of the information then available on-line about solo and small firm practice was geared primarily towards starting, operating and marketing a traditional general practice law firm. And few resources existed for lawyers starting non-conventional small firm or boutique or corporate practices that directly compete with large firms; for small firm lawyers to exchange advice; for law students to learn about the possibilities of solo and small firm practice; or for small firm lawyers to broadcast our many accomplishments to others in the legal profession and the public at large. I hoped that MyShingle would meet these unmet needs and more importantly, bring solo and small firm lawyers to the forefront of the profession, rather than leaving them at the margins.

And has it ever. Since the inception of MyShingle, I’ve observed an ever increasing trend of lawyers – from new graduates to well credentialed biglaw attorneys – turning to solo and small firm practice as a way to gain autonomy and find satisfaction in the law. Even more exciting, MyShingle was the first of the now dozen or so blogs by other solo and small firm lawyers who generously offer their wisdom on a range of issues like starting a firm, working from home, maximizing use of technology and share their own personal experience of the process of going solo.

Like most solo and small firm practices, MyShingle has evolved over time to adapt to our readers’ needs and take advantage of larger opportunities. (to see our look over the years, visit this link –*/ When I started MyShingle, I relied on free software, Slashcode and a home server as a platform for my site. Two years later, I switched to Typepad so that I could assure the level of stability necessary to join the Blog Network. Now, to broaden my blog’s visibility and enhance the professionalism of my site, I’ve moved on to a LexBlog platform. Just as I try to adopt a client-centric approach to my law practice, I try to take a reader centric approach at MyShingle. I welcome questions, comments, feedback and guest posts from readers. I look forward to hearing from you.

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