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CDs for JDs: Soundtrack of the Legal Life Available From The Billable Hour Company

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Ardsley, New York January 29, 2007-Having trouble figuring out what music to
play in the background as you bang out that brief? Looking for some songs to
psych you up on the way to court?  The Billable Hour Company has the answer
to these interrogatories: they’ve opened a music store featuring CDs by and
for members of the legal profession.

The Bar & Grill Singers are a group of practicing attorneys in Austin,
Texas. On their three CDs-A Time to Grill, Grilling Me Softly and Licensed
to Grill-they blend layered vocal harmonies with topics ranging from
lifetime judicial appointments ("Appointed Forever") to somnambulant
factfinders ("The Jury Sleeps Upright").

West Virginia lawyer Bob Noone-along with with his group, The Well Hung
Jury-covers a lot of ground on his two featured albums, Wingtips Optional
and Second Helping of Chicken Suit for the Lawyer’s Soul, tackling
everything from legal education ("Fifty Ways to Get Through Law School") to
lawyer advertising ("Bring Your Case Here to Me") and more.

Both groups perform in a wide range of musical styles, from swing (Noone’s
"Lawsuit Riot") to 80’s pop (Bar & Grill’s "I’m Billing Time"), R&B (Noone’s
"My Will") to do-wop (Bar & Grill’s "Mr. Foreman").

"We chose these groups to inagurate our musical offerings because their
songs are simply hilarious," said Lisa Solomon, partner in The Billable Hour
Company. Mark Solomon-a lawyer and actively performing musician himself-also
noted the albums’ tight arrangements and high production values.
The CDs are available for $14.95 each at the company’s website,

About The Billable Hour Company

The Billable Hour Company sells humorous gifts and greeting cards especially
for lawyers, law students and legal professionals. Gift items include
timepieces featuring dials marked in six-minute increments-the same way many
lawyers bill their time. For additional information, contact Lisa Solomon or
visit the company’s website at

Click here to hear a music sample: 

Lawsuit Riot (sample) by Bob Noone & the Well Hung Jury

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