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A Handbook on the Risks of e-Lawyering

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Over at my beat at Legal Blogwatch, I posted a link to a free online handbook created by Chubb Insurance on the Risks of e-Lawyering.  The handbook, available here offers lots of tips to avoid running afoul of ethics rules in the age of technology, such as how to guard against inadvertently creating an attorney-client relationship or how to preserve electronic documents for discovery.  Plus, if you advise other businesses or corporations, Chubb has a number of other publications on a range of topics like avoiding slip and falls, preventing workplace fraud and IP checklists that might be a useful resource to pass on to clients.

  • Jennifer M. McElroy

    I am soon to be starting my own law firm (right after I get my results in May 2007 stating I PASSED the CA BAR…) and I have been researching different law office management software, like ProLaw, Timeslips, ACT!, etc., does anyone have advice on a particular one they like, or dislike? I want to be able to make it my 1st year without having to hire any administrative help (other than my husband’s business knowledge) and still be able to work efficiently. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks so much!

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