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Wear Your Scarlet H Proudly

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As I wrote in my upcoming book, back in 1993 when I started my law firm and worked primarily from home, I often felt as if I had a huge scarlet “H” emblazoned on my chest. Back then, I jumped through all kinds of hoops to prevent clients from discovering that I only had a virtual office and much of the time, worked from home.

But times have really changed. As Headquarters at Home and Proud to Be Moreover, there are advantages to home based businesses, There(9/27/07), fifty percent of businesses in the United States are run from home and business owners have grown more transparent about home based status. And with the advent of more home based businesses come opportunities to network and connect such as Start Up Nation’s Home Based 100 rankings and resources as well as my friend Grant Griffiths’ upcominghome office blogging network.

So for all you home office lawyers, go ahead and expose that big H – as in “Ha! – I actually get paid to say home!”