Another Nader Anise Free Teleseminar

Nader Anise has just put out a “save the date” for his upcoming, annual “Lawyer Appreciation” free teleseminar. The seminar is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 15 from 12:30 pm to around 2:00 pm EASTERN, with 800 lawyers expected to call in. This year’s topic is “Making it BIG as a high-profile, celebrity lawyer,” and there’s a surprise guest.

I’ve called into Nader’s previous teleseminars and they’re excellent, for two reasons. First, even though the calls are free, they offer valuable, stand alone information. They are not “teasers,” intended to force you to purchase Nader’s materials, though I imagine that many lawyers do purchase it after this informative phone call. Second, the advice that Nader has offered on his past calls is not expensive to implement. Many of his suggestions did not involve any outlay of cash, only time. So if you’re on a shoestring budget, you’ll want to listen in on these tips.

The final details and call in numbers haven’t been announced – I’ll either post them here, or visit