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An Immigration Lawyer Stands Out…Overseas

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Here’s a story about Maria Celebi, a U.S. immigration lawyer with an interesting niche: she works outside of the country. After ten years of immigration practice in the United States, Celebi, along with her husband and two young children, moved to Turkey after an economic downturn in Silicon Valley.

Celebi’s husband used the move to launch a new technology business. And three years later, Celesi has established a law practice in Turkey. And as the only certified U.S. immigration lawyer not just in Turkey, but also in Greece and the Middle East (with the exception of Israel), Celesi has cornered the regional market.

Granted, moving to a foreign country to practice law is an extreme way to build a practice. But Celesi’s story shows that if you’re committed to building your practice, you can find a way to make it happen…anywhere in the world.

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