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Why You Get As Much As You Give When It Comes to Testimonials

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Most of the time, we give testimonials because we believe in the person who has solicited our recommendation and because it’s a nice thing to do.  But if that’s not enough incentive to give a testimonial, then consider this benefit:  testimonials can also make you look good!

For example, let’s say that you’ve used a virtual assistant who asks for a testimonial for her website.  To give a good testimonials, you’ll have to describe the matter that she helped you with, and in doing so, you’re letting others know about your skills as well.  Consider this hypothetical testimonial:

I’m a solo practioner who stepped into a complicated appeal two weeks before deadline.  I needed a reliable paralegal to assemble the 2500 page record, insert cites into the brief and proof and cite check the product.  Further, I needed someone who could work independently so that I could focus on drafting the brief.  At the recommendation of a colleague, I called [VA].  She took over preparation of the Appendix entirely on her own.  However, she sent me daily emails so that I could stay abreast of her progress.  On deadline day, I emailed the brief to [VA] who took care of preparing the Table of Authorities, Table of Contents and filing.  [VA] was so efficient that the final product came in several hundred dollars below my estimate to the client – and ultimately resulted in a precedent setting decision.  The client has since retained me for another matter, and I will surely be calling [VA] to help out on this one as well!

The testimonial shows that the VA is efficient, cost-effective and reliable.  But it also highlights the attorney’s skills as well – skills that will come to light where, for example, a client runs a search for an appellate lawyer.

So the next time someone asks you for a testimonial, you should jump at the chance.  After all,  it’s not often that you have the opportunity to do something good for someone else, while doing well for yourself.

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