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New Site for Solos – JD Supra

Yesterday marked the launch of JD Supra, a document database and attorney listing site that’s important for solo and small firm lawyers for two reasons.  First, JD Supra gives practitioners access to an enormous database of filings, newsletters and memoranda prepared by other law firms.  While a good deal of the information that I’ve seen…

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Start a Law Firm…In North Carolina?

Go east, young lawyer if you want to start a law firm.  As this article reports, a recent study released by the Pope Center for Higher Education shows that North Carolina needs more lawyer in light of recent population growth and a strong economy.  The catch – only graduates of accredited ABA law schools qualify…

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Starting a Law Firm: The Time of Your Life

Terrifying. Scary. Frightening. Those words describe horror movies, but you’ve probably heard them quite frequently from others in reference to what it feels like to start a law firm. And in part, that’s true. Because  starting a firm is scary —  particularly when you don’t have a single client, you don’t know whether you’ll make…

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Marketing on A Shoestring

My friend and colleague, Allison Shields of Legal Ease Blog is starting the next round of her course Lawyer Marketing on A Shoestring, which she teaches with Paramjit Mahli, of the Sun Communcations Group.  I haven’t taken the course, but the syllabus shows that it’s value packed.  Plus, I am a huge fan of Allison’s…

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Boo to the Billable Hour: A Book Review

I finished lawyer John Derrick’s engaging and well written book, Boo to the Billable Hour several weeks ago (and in one sitting), but I’m just getting around to posting my review now.  As I’ll describe in more detail below, Boo to the Billable Hour offers a great primer for lawyers who haven’t even thought about…

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Tech Round Up for Solos

I don’t cover technology here much at MyShingle.  It’s not that I don’t recognize its importance to solos – in fact, more than any other tool, technology has shattered barriers to entry.   It’s just that others like Future Lawyer, Ross Kodner, Victor Medina, or Greatest American Lawyer cover technology so much better that I…

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Lessons from a Mouse and Hamster – Marketing Is All About Context

I’m not squeamish about rodents.  As a youngster, I raised several dozen pet mice and even now, as an adult I find my daughter’s Chinese dwarf hamster, Puck completely irresistable  Yet this morning, while out walking the dog, I screamed with fright when a tiny little field mouse scurried across my path. Why does a…

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Author’s Cut: Solo Practice – Looking Back, Looking Forward

When I sat down to write Solo by Choice, the context mattered most.  One of the my goals in starting MyShingle was to discuss solo pratice not so much as a category of law practice unto itself , but rather to view the role of, and opportunities for, solo and small firm practitioners in the…

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Want to Threaten Big Law? Work in the Cloud

Small firms have never been better positioned to threaten big law and you can thank the cloud.