New Site for Solos – JD Supra

Yesterday marked the launch of JD Supra, a document database and attorney listing site that’s important for solo and small firm lawyers for two reasons.  First, JD Supra gives practitioners access to an enormous database of filings, newsletters and memoranda prepared by other law firms.  While a good deal of the information that I’ve seen so far is fairly promotional, rather than substantive in nature, that may change as the site grows.  Moreover, even a law firm newsletter can help tip lawyers off to new developments.

Second, JD Supra gives solo and small firm lawyers to way to strut their stuff.  By posting documents, other lawyers can get a sense of what your work product is like.  And by uploading a document, you gain a listing in JD Supra, which is another way to gain visibility online.

So visit JD Supra and think about adding it to a list of your research resources.