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A Gift for Law Grads…and Other Lawyers: Free Ebook and Chance to Win Solo by Choice!

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Recently, I realized that after five and a half years, I’ve been blogging longer than many people have been reading blogs.  And while I’ve collected quite an archive, who has the time to sit down and read hundreds of old posts.  So rather than let them fade into oblivion, I’ve repackaged a few in an e-book format. Though I could have compiled advice on marketing or client relations (and there are an abundance of blogs, excellent and mediocre that deal with these topics ad nauseum), in honor of upcoming law school graduations, I focused on the more inspirational posts that talk about what it means to be a lawyer, remembering what matters and finding your way back to what drew you to the law to begin with.  But the ebook isn’t just for new grads – it’s also for practicing attorneys.

I’ve always believed that starting a law firm offers one way to become the lawyer you always wanted to be.  So as an added bonus, if you download the ebook before May 15, 2008, you’ll have a chance to win one of two free copies of Solo by Choice.   To download the book and gain a chance to win a free copy of Solo by Choice, go to this link.  (HT to Anita Campbell of Small Biz Trends) for the pointer to four free e-book templates).

And by the way, Solo by Choice makes an excellent graduation gift for law school grads who want to start a firm right after law school or somewhere down the line.  For advice on availability and ordering, click here.

  • Thanks for the good suggestion. May we also humbly suggest a gift for law grads that rocks: “The LawTunes Jury Boxed Set” — our four CDs of humorous original law-related rock-and-roll songs composed and produced by a practicing attorney? Sound clips are at Thanks.

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