Help Me Update MyShingle and Get A Copy of SBC, Plus A Consult

UPDATE 9/24/08 – I have already received a number of wonderful responses to this inquiry, and I’m not accepting any more. If you have already sent me an email, I will be in touch within the next few days.

The Online Guide to Solo Practice has been a flagship feature of MyShingle, ever since I launched this blog almost six years ago.  Though it’s been updated a couple of times over the years, in the process of completing Solo by Choice and my recent workload, the Guide has fallen into a state of disrepair.  In addition, for a couple of years, I also wrote a Bar Review, which rated each state bar’s offerings for solos.

In the past, I’ve hired people to update these materials and while they’ve done a good job, this time, I’d like to propose a barter with lawyers who might be interested in starting a practice, or who have done so recently.  Here’s the deal.  I’ll provide a copy of Solo by Choice plus two hours of expert consulting/mentoring on anything from starting a practice to social networking, role playing cold calls or fee setting or even reviewing your retainer letter or a pleading (though bear in mind that I will only be able to offer general pointers if I don’t practice in that jurisdiction).  In exchange, you’ll update the guide or help track down resources for the Bar Review (I’ll divide the work among at least 2-3 people) and enter the information directly onto my blog.  You don’t need to know how to blog, but you should be willing to learn some basics and have enough basic tech skills to understand how to do it.  Knowlege of HTML is an added plus, but by no means required.  The work can be done evenings and weekends if you’re currently employed.  The trade is ideal if you’re thinking of, or just started a practice, because you’ll be hunting down information that will help you anyway.

So if you’re interested in this, shoot me an email at and tell me a little about yourself.  I’m hoping to start some folks on this project in another week or two and have most of the work completed by mid-October, so let me know if those parameters will work for you.

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