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Resources for How to Start a Law Firm and Where to Find Solo by Choice

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With layoffs increasing, so too are sales of Solo by Choice, and again, it’s sold out at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  I wanted to let readers know that you can always purchase a copy directly from the publisher at Lawyer Avenue – it’s the same price, shipping is free and my publisher processes orders promptly.  If you are in the DC area, I have a few spares that I can sell you (contact me directly).

As for other resources on how to start a law firm, I have tons available on this site, again, all free, but here are a few posts (out of hundreds) that might be most relevant to some of you right now:

Mindmap of Starting a Law Firm [click on the Mindmeister logo to expand the view.  If you prefer a checklist to a mindmap, when you open the file, click “export” and choose the document option, which will generate a check list]

Solo Practice Doesn’t Mean Forever (brief thoughts on using solo practice to ride out a recession)

Cold Calling Works (I know you don’t want to do it, but if you’ve just been laid off, you need to pick up the phone…whether you’re looking for a job or starting a firm)

Marketing Through Testimonials: Giving and Receiving (Up at the Nolo blog)

Starting A Firm From Scratch (This is circa 1996 and is my first piece describing how I started a firm out of desperation “to salvage my floundering legal career).

Soloformania Update (I was saving this for my re-launch, but I’ll release it now – forms, sample pleadings and other useful materials for getting your firm off the ground).

Tech RoundUp (cheap and free tech that lawyers are using to run practices.  This is from 2008 so there have been new additions (notably, JD but the information is still relevant).

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