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PartTime Shingle Ebook and Recording Ready for Release!

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Julie Tower-Pierce and I are happy to announce that we’ve finally completed our 50 page ebook, The Part Time Shingle:  Why Starting a Part Time Practice Can Be Done and How to Make It Work.  Here’s some of the topics that the e-book covers:

-Is starting a part time shingle really feasible? [p. 2-3]

-Will people take me seriously if I’m only working part time? [p. 5-6]

-I’m working in a coffee shop to make ends meet as I get my practice off the ground. How do I handle this situation? [p. 6-7]

-I’m a contract lawyer buried in document review 10 hours a day.  Is starting a part time practice workable for someone in my position? [p. 8]

-What practice areas work best for part time? [p. 9-11]

-Can I buy part time malpractice insurance? [p.13]

-Can I moonlight at my day job at a law firm while I work at my practice at night? [p.14-15]

-What are some time management ideas for running a practice while I raise kids or work at another job?  [p.16-18]

-What are some low cost, time efficient ways to market my part time practice? [p. 19-22]

-What kinds of tech works best for part time?  I’ll only have a part-time salary, so I don’t want to make a full time tech investment. [p. 23-25]

-I’m returning to the work force by starting a firm and my tech skills are out of date?  Can I still make this work? [p.25]

-How much can I earn working part time? [p.26-27]

-Can I hire help even as a part timer working from home? [p. 29-31]

-At what point should I quit my day job and fly solo full time? [p.32]

In addition to these topics, you’ll find a Part Time Shingle Check List, Sample Schedule and 15 minute a day social media strategy.

In addition to the ebook, you can also purchase the 75 minute recorded teleseminar.  The products are available at Pink Slips & Detours or by ordering directly below:

EBook Only ($22.95)
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Bundled (both ebook & recording)($35.95)
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