The Front Row

 This morning, I’ll take a seat in the front row in a place where I can’t look back.   I’ve occupied the front row dozens of times over the course of my career, at trials, hearings and appellate arguments – but today is different.  Because today, it’s not a client but my daughter who occupies center stage, on the occasion of her Bat Mitzvah.  

Just like in a trial, once my daughter takes to the Bimah (stage), she’s out of our control.  In my law practice, all of the preparation in the world can’t prevent a client from breaking down into crocodile tears or sassing the judge or even leaping from the witness stand and running screaming from the courtroom (yes, these have all happened to me).   So too, in life, no matter how much we prepare and teach our children, we reach the junctures where we must let go.  All we can do is sit in the front row, tantalizingly close, but still out of reach, hearts in our throats and hoping for the best.

And now, it’s show time!