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Xemplar: New Spotlight on Solo and Small Firm Lawyers and Trends

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As two of my “co’s,” co-author Niki Black and former co-blogger Bob Ambrogi have already posted, I’m part of a new project, The Xemplar, sponsored by Lexis. Also part of the project are two other people I’ve long wanted to work with, my “co-alum” (we were a class apart in law school) Mass LOMPAP Director Rodney McDowell and Nevada small business lawyer Gina Madsen. Each month, we’ll profile solo and small firm lawyers who make a difference in our profession, and discuss broader themes related to the lawyer’s practice. For this issue, we profiled VLO Pioneer Stephanie Kimbro. As to the bigger picture, Nicole wrote about virtual law practice trend . I wrote about Lawyering on the Front – The Case for the Traveling Lawyer which is about employing technology for “legal triage” in court room proceedings, where frankly, forms or non-legal assistance are an inadequate substitute for a real lawyer.

We’re always looking for unsung lawyers to profile so please contact any of us with tips. And let us know what you think about this issue.

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