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Where I’ve Been Hanging Out Online

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So I know that there wasn’t much happening  at MyShingle last week. Between my talk on starting a practice at Georgetown Law and three days catching up with clients and colleagues at my trade association’s Global Marine Renewable Energy Conference, I didn’t have much energy left for posting. In addition, I’ve been spending a bit of time away from my beloved MyShingle, posting at other online publications like The Xemplar and Small Firm Innovation – efforts that enable me to keep this blog running and offer so much information at no charge (and there’s much more coming by the end of the month).

This month, I’ve written Courting Change – about how courts aren’t keeping up with innovation in the legal profession, and What I Won From My First Loss At Trial, about how I was serendipitously spared the lingering agony of my disastrous first loss. Let me know what you think.

  • You and your client deserved the loss for concocting a cover-up for your racially-based jury strikes. Once again hypocrisy reveals itself to be a dominant force in the practice of law, even by solos.

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