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How Do You Know When It’s Time to Go

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According to this recent New York Times article on easing out the older generation of lawyers, the shelf life of a solo practitioner is 70 or 80 years old compared to 60 or 65 at big law. Even so, who wants to linger on past their prime like the party guest who wouldn’t leave?  I wonder about that quite a bit, as I posted on the new Small Firm Innovation blog sponsored by Clio (also MyShingle sponsors):

But as time goes by, either the world is speeding up or I’m slowing down. Suddenly, keeping on top of every new development – virtual law office portals, video, autoresponders and skype – activities which once invigorated now overwhelm. Frequently, I find myself delegating implementation of lots of new tech tools, which I once accomplished with ease, to my virtual assistant. Soon, I may not have the time or inclination to even keep up with them at all. And eventually, at some point – and I don’t know when that is –  I too will transition from the front of the line to the back. I will reach a point where technology overtakes me. Where I cling to the security of what I know how to do instead of figuring out how to master next new thing. When I no longer have any tricks of the trade or insights worth sharing, and where I become a naysayer or an obstacle for newer lawyers who do.

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  • dickbyrne9

    You mentioned a party guest unwilling to go home. Oh that brings back memories of one guy who made it into my den, discovered where I had hidden the “good scotch” and was viewing a pay for view 4 hour movie. He wound up being my boss and took me along with him on his rise to the top of the company. Be kind to the addicts, they make good friends.

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