Question for Transactional Solos: What Kind of Contracts Do You Frequently Draft?

A few months ago, I reviewed a product released by Ken Adams and Koncision; a form confidentiality agreement that lawyers can use for drafting. Though you’ve probably seen dozens of NDA’s and confidentiality agreements online, Ken’s product is far more high end and detailed, which means that you can rely on it to make a better impression for clients.

Now, Ken is on the look out for another product to develop, potentially with solos and small firms in mind. Options on the table so far include a forms for a Delaware LLC, as well as a suite of “micro-market” M&A documents. But what suggestions do you have? Are there types of documents that solo transactional lawyers encounter routinely, where it would be helpful to have a product that automates the process without a reduction in quality? And what products do those of you who are transactional lawyers use currently to assist with drafting, due diligence and other tasks relevant to a transactional or corporate practice. Please post the comments below. It’s nice to have an opportunity to play a role in creation of a quality product that doesn’t just focus on marketing.