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Is Using a PO Box as A Law Firm Address Penny Wise, Pound Foolish?

Over at Attorney at Work, solo Ruth Carter discusses her reasons for choosing a post office box as a mailing address for her newly launched, home-based law firm. Not surprising for a new solo, cost considerations played a significant role; at a price of around $17-$22 per month, Carter explains that a post office box…

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Taking Back the Law Doesn’t Mean Going Backwards

So, I’m not sure what it was about my post last week, Take Back the Law, that lead a few commenters to suggest that I favor the status quo. I mean, I suppose the fact that I didn’t use buzzwords like entrepreneur (because I’m not, really) or enthusiastically promote unbundled virtual law practice (because in…

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How Online Bytes Enhance Offline Bonds

Last week, my older daughter attended her first Sweet Sixteen while my younger one prepared to audition for the school play. Our house was abuzz with giggles and shrieks of excitement and supportive encouragement as my older daughter tried on dresses for her friends and plotted about gifts and gossiped, while my younger one sang…

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A Solo-bomination of An Attorneys Fees Decision

Would you sacrifice six weeks of revenue for six years and instead, spend those six weeks toiling pro bono for a snowball’s chance in hell of victory before the United States Supreme Court? Small firm lawyer Alan Gura did. A partner in the two-lawyer firm of Gura and Possessky, Gura was just 32 and eight…

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Solos, Take Back the Law

Each year, I try to identify an overarching theme that will impact solo and small firm practitioners.  And each year, I’ve been dead wrong – either because I’m way too far ahead of the trends, or because my predictions are contaminated by my own wishful thinking. For example, in 2009, I predicted that in the…

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Is it Time to Move Your Firm to the Cloud? Ask Yourself 3 Questions

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