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Right now, there’s a conversation on about favorite uses for Fiverr, a site that bills itself as “the world’s largest marketplace for small services, starting at $5. Turns out, many solos are using Fiverr, with good success, for blog banners, photo retouching and other small projects. I’ve also seen services for business card design, logos and a handwritten signature (a colleague of mine created an e-signature for me years ago and it’s extremely handy).

Initially, I wondered about whether those using Fiverr can earn anything worthwhile, apparently, some folks generate a few thousand dollars in cash by doing simple tasks on volume. Think about it – if you’re skilled enough to cut a video opening in 10 minutes and can churn out six in an hour, that’s $30, which honestly, is more than document reviewers earn these days. Plus, a couple of people on Solosez added that they’ve hired their Fiverr contractors for projects at higher rates, so it does offer a way to get in front of a prospect quickly without completely working on spec.

Of course, there are also get-what-you-pay for drawbacks to Fiverr. There’s at least one report of a provider who embedded malware in a site, plus there are lots of participants who offer SEO services of questionable repute that lawyers would do best to avoid.

In full disclosure, I have been intrigued by, but have not used Fiverr – and most likely, I probably wouldn’t if I were interested in top quality work. Still, for the cost of a Lincoln (how symbolic, since he was a solo!), solos can have a little fun and maybe get something useful in the process.

Have you used Fiverr? Share your opinion in the comment section.

  • TamarCerafici

    I’m using a graphic designer on fiverr right now. She’s become quite an important part of our band of entrepreneurs here in Pittsburgh. Her work is prompt and creative.  And she’s in Greece so I feel like I’m contributing. 

  • I hired someone from Fiverr to do graphic design for my website. I also hired someone to do a funny little video for my sister’s birthday.  I’ve toyed around with the notion of getting a video to engage firm’s Facebook fans.

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