Hire Fiverr

Right now, there’s a conversation on Solosez.net about favorite uses for Fiverr, a site that bills itself as “the world’s largest marketplace for small services, starting at $5. Turns out, many solos are using Fiverr, with good success, for blog banners, photo retouching and other small projects. I’ve also seen services for business card design, logos and a handwritten signature (a colleague of mine created an e-signature for me years ago and it’s extremely handy).

Initially, I wondered about whether those using Fiverr can earn anything worthwhile, apparently, some folks generate a few thousand dollars in cash by doing simple tasks on volume. Think about it – if you’re skilled enough to cut a video opening in 10 minutes and can churn out six in an hour, that’s $30, which honestly, is more than document reviewers earn these days. Plus, a couple of people on Solosez added that they’ve hired their Fiverr contractors for projects at higher rates, so it does offer a way to get in front of a prospect quickly without completely working on spec.

Of course, there are also get-what-you-pay for drawbacks to Fiverr. There’s at least one report of a provider who embedded malware in a site, plus there are lots of participants who offer SEO services of questionable repute that lawyers would do best to avoid.

In full disclosure, I have been intrigued by, but have not used Fiverr – and most likely, I probably wouldn’t if I were interested in top quality work. Still, for the cost of a Lincoln (how symbolic, since he was a solo!), solos can have a little fun and maybe get something useful in the process.

Have you used Fiverr? Share your opinion in the comment section.