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The Five Dollar Video

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Last week, I posted about Fiverr, where you can outsource a variety of minor tasks, from business card design to e-signature creation to others for just five bucks. I learned about the site via Solosez, where one attorney, Hieu Vu posted the video above, which was produced by seller. Granted, this particular video may not be your style – but for five dollars, you could play around with a couple until you find one to your taste.

So what do you think – a high five or thumbs down for Fiverr?

  • It’s definitely a sharp, attention-grabbing video. My only concern would be whether the images are licensed (even royalty-free images from sites like istockphoto cost money).

  • Karen Eichman

    I’m impressed!

  • Jameika Mangum

    Great video! This video has better production than some of the high budget commercials on daytime television.

  • I like it.  Too long though.  

  • Johanna

    I liked the video, except for what I considered a ‘slam’ on the public defender position, of which I am not one/never been one. The implication is that the public defender isn’t a good attorney seems unnecessary.  No need to bring someone else down to lift yourself up. 

  • Kelly

    That sure beats a Mc-Meal and it costs even less.  Thumbs up.