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If you read my column over at Above the Law, you might have noticed that I have vacation on the brain. For the next two weeks, I’ll be taking a break from my practice, this blog – and maybe even social media.  I know that I’ll be back with lots of new ideas and inspiration but for now, the well has run dry.

Happily, MyShingle will continue in my absence. A few weeks ago, I posted an announcement seeking solos to post while I’m away. We’ll have a variety of voices – new solos, part time solos, and other lawyers considering solo practice.  Lots of different topics as well. So please stick around for the next two weeks and show some support -in comments or on social media – for our line-up of MyShingle Solos.

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Running Your Small Law Firm to look like a Large Law Firm

Let’s face it, as a solo or small law firm you’re pulled in multiple directions. Not only do you practice law, but you also need to run AND grow a small business.