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Summer Session: Paid Back Up Writing Gig At MyShingle

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I’ll be away from MyShingle from mid-June through July 4 weekend. But I can’t let the blog lie fallow for that long a period. So I’m looking for between one and three writers to help fill the gap while I’m gone.

I’m interested in writings on all topics related to solo and small firm practice: how to’s, personal accounts, cases or practice tips of significance to solos or profiles of solos you admire.  Ethics pieces – the more in depth and researched the better. Controversial pieces about cheap solos, evil solos or incompetent solos are fine.  Personal interest stories also welcome – from solo lawyers with cool hobbies, or recipe, fashion or travel tips for solos as well as restaurant, movie or book reviews. If you like to write but don’t have ideas, I’ll create a list.

You know the drill (I hope). No marketers and absolutely no canned content writers.  Lawyers desired and law students welcome.  Non-lawyers who are entrepreneurs and grapple with similar issues to solos and smalls will be considered. At least one writing sample required.  Payment is $50/post – plus (of course), exposure!  Contact me at

  • Nadia Zaidi

    Hi Carolyn,
    Have you filled these roles already? Thanks!

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