MyShingle Is Back, Thank You.

Six weeks. Long time to go not just without posting, but without even reading other blogs. Now I am back.

Resuming blogging was hard because my husband was here for the hundreds of posts I’ve penned except for this one.  Every post I write from now on, he will never read, never see. The posts I amass from here on out will only serve as physical evidence of the time he has been gone.

For 23 years, my life looked a certain way. I had a husband; a partner to come home to every night. Someone to share ideas with, to gossip with, and just to sit next to, in parallel play on our laptops.  I thought it would continue like that forever. But my life is different now, and it goes on whether I want it to or not. I can stop blogging, take a break and step out, but the world continues and I have to go on. I have two daughters to raise and put through college. And truth be told fair, I want to go on. As much as I miss my husband and wish he were here with me every single day, I want to go on and see what’s next even if I have to do it without him.

To all my readers who sent notes or posted supportive comments, thank you so much. I am just starting to write thank you’s for notes I’ve received in the mail and generous contributions to designated charities. But I wanted to let each of you know that your thoughts and kind words have been a comfort and made this horrible time a little less awful.