Buzz-Feed Quizzes: Low-Brow Legal Tech for the Masses

Two weeks ago, reported on the legal technology behind the attorney response to the Trump travel ban. Although I feared that this might be yet another story about tech startups wrapping themselves in the banner of promoting access to justice , it wasn’t. Instead,  the piece focuses on solos and smalls as practical technologists – who are cobbling together existing technologies, and hacking out solutions, one client at a time.

Of course, even some of the tools described in the article – like Neota Logic or the ABA’s rapid-launch, WordPress powered website – still require a bit of specialized skill, the bar continues to come down.

But for lawyers who don’t have the patience to learn even a little bit of code, there’s a really easy way to use tech to engage and help clients: Buzzfeed.

If you spend any time on Facebook, you’ve probably seen at least one Buzzfeed quiz – maybe one that tests your knowledge of ’70s television show, or the one that guesses our age based on questions about your favorite color or alcoholic beverage. But believe it or not, you can co-opt Buzzfeed tests to engage your clients and colleagues – and it doesn’t take much more skill than knowing how to register for a site.

Buzzfeed offers three types of quizzes:  (1) Assessment test which test the user’s knowledge of a particular subject, (2) Checklists that can diagnose a problem based on users’ response to a list of questions and (3)  Personality quizzes that help determine the users’ likes or skills.

Since I don’t have much time for a post today, I’ll let you use your imagination to figure out all of the ways you can use Buzzfeed in your practice. But for now, I’ll leave you with my own Buzzfeed quiz, What Kind of A Solo Lawyer Are You? . Feel free to share the quiz with your lawyer friends, or to post your results (and any feedback on the accuracy) in the comments below.