If You Made 2019 the Year You Started A Firm, Here’s A Video Series for You

So last year, you read MyShingle and grew excited or less terrified about starting a law practice. Maybe you read one of our top ten posts for the year and decided to stop playing it safe and to start your law firm. Or maybe you decided that it was your time to change the world. Or maybe you had a look at the truth about starting a law firm and you found that you could handle it. Whatever brought you to your start, here you are…and MyShingle is here for you. Each day at our Facebook Page  you’ll find mini videos with quick advice and encouragement. If you have a specific question about your early days of running your firm, post them in the comments below and I’ll record a video in response. Congratulations on getting this far – MyShingle will make sure that you can go the distance. 

The most recent video in the series is available below with the rest accessible here .

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