Make Money Monday: Follow Up On Conferences

As I explained in my Marketing By the Numbers video, 80 percent of people fail to follow up with contacts and leads from conferences. That’s unfortunate considering the time and expense that many conferences entail. 

So I was excited to stumble upon a free resource from Hub Spot14 FREE email templates  that you can use to follow up with prospects after the conference. The templates address a variety of scenarios ranging from a “nice to meet you” follow up to a request to get together or promote business. The templates are all customizable – and depending upon what kind of email program you use, you can set them up even before you leave for the conference. 

Though there are all sorts of templates, my favorite is this one:

What better way to stand out than to give someone a copy of a book that might help them achieve their goals. Plus, a follow-up like this shows that you actively listened to the recipient’s concerns and took steps to help them. Exactly the kind of traits that people want in the lawyers that they hire.

Enjoy the templates – and please share your results!

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