Plan Your Law Firm, Courtesy of Canva

If you’ve read my stuff, you know I’m not a fan of a formal business plan as a prerequisite to starting a law firm.  For starters, in today’s fast changing world, a business plan can change even as you’re writing it.  Plus, a formal plan lends itself to extensive research and analysis/paralysis which holds many lawyers back from getting started.

Still, you don’t want to start a law firm without committing any of your vision to writing. So that’s why I favor devices like the business model canvas which rolls the salient features of a traditional business plan into a one-pager. Another terrific planning tool is a pitch deck which is ordinarily used by startups to attract investors to their companies but can also be used as a device to plan how you’ll attract clients to your law firm.

After combing the Internet for usable, free version of a business model canvas or pitch deck to share, I stumbled across templates on Canva, a DIY graphics site and one of my favorite start-up tools.  Below are two quick videos about the features of each template, and how I used them to start planning my new law firm.  Click on the video show notes for links.

Part I – Law Firm Business Plan and Pitch Deck

Part II – Law Firm Business Plan & Pitch Deck, Applied

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