ABA Ethics Rules on Choice of Law in Multi-Jurisdiction Practice

Starting a law firm that operates in multiple jurisdictions can be lucrative, but also confusing with multiple, competing ethics rules.  In March 2023, the ABA issued Formal Opinion 540 to provide guidance to lawyers who practice in. more than one jurisdiction. Model Rule 8.5 Offers Guidance for Lawyers Running a Firm in Multiple Jurisdictions Formal…

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Starting a Law Firm: Is Influencer Marketing for You?

marketing through nanoinfluencers

In October 2022, I wrote about the rise of nano-influencers and how lawyers might use them to market their law firms.  Turns out, I was ahead of the curve.  As Forbes reports, influencer marketing is becoming more important than ever to boosting SEO.  The Forbes article recommends: Ask the influencers you work with to link…

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FAQs on Chat GPT for Solo and Small Law Firms

chatGPT for solo and small law firms

In the three months since ChatGPT’s November 30, 2022 release, inaccuracies about the product have been swarming throughout the solo and small law firm community. Common misconceptions include the mistaken belief that ChatGPT scrapes web content, or that OpenAI, ChatGPT’s parent owns all copyright to user input and resulting output. Many of these myths arise…

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Advice on Flat Fee Billing from Two Lawyers Who Do It

This article summarizes key takeaways from the #ABATECHSHOW presentation “Flat Fees: the F Word You’ll Learn to Love” by flat fee pros Regina Edwards and Ashley Pepitone.  Summary based on my notes, compiled by Chat GPT with additional editorial review. The Benefits of Flat Fees for Lawyers This presentation on flat fees for lawyers opened…

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Starting a Law Firm: Streamline the Client Lifecycle

This article is a summary of the #ABATECHSHOW 2023 Presentation by Sofia Lingos entitled Automating the Transactional Client Lifecycle, based on notes by Riz Ali, edited and optimized by ChatGPT and reviewed by Carolyn Elefant Streamlining the Client Lifecycle to Start Your Firm Right If you’re thinking of launching or scaling your law firm, Sofia…

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How to Start a Law Firm: Hybrid Practice Is Possible

starting a hybrid law firm

This article is a summary of the #ABATECHSHOW 2023 Presentation by Nicole Black and John Burnett entitled Creating a Successful & Ethical Remote Hybrid Firm of the Future, based on notes by Riz Ali, edited and optimized by ChatGPT and review by Carolyn Elefant Post-pandemic Trends Favor Hybrid Law Firms  As presenters Nicole Black and…

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