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Six Ways To Enjoy Your Summer as A Solo

Solo and small firm lawyers are notorious for never taking vacations. Some can’t afford the cost, others believe that they can’t afford the time away from the office and some are, quite simply, workaholics.  That said, here are a couple of ways for solos and smalls to enjoy the coming summer a little more without…

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What’s Next Solo? Lawyer to Legal Tech, Chad Burton, CuroLegal

The final lawyer-to-legal-tech entry in our What’s Next Solo? lineup is Chad Bruton, CEO of CuroLegal.  Although Chad had ten years of biglaw legal experience under his belt by the time he turned solo, as a still-newer attorney, he enjoyed the benefits of the technology advances like virtual law offices and distributed firms which he…

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How Ethical Prohibitions on Fee Splitting Allows RocketLawyer and Gust Launch To Resell and Profit Off of Lawyers’ Free Legal Services

A couple of weeks back, I stumbled across a company called Gust Launch – billed as a one-stop shop for high-growth start-ups.  For $199/month (or $239/month if billed annually), Gust Launch provides startups with ongoing legal, financial, accounting and back-end services dispensed through one convenient cloud-based platform. Somewhat like Clio, the practice management system best…

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What’s Next Solo: Lawyer to Legal Tech, Nicole Black of MyCase

I’m very excited about this week’s What’s Next Solo, From Lawyer to Legal Tech feature about my co-author and friend, Nicole Black of MyCase. Niki and I met online 12 years as part of the early generation of law bloggers, and two of just a handful of female bloggers in that crowd.  Nicole is a…

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