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From Lawyer to Legal Writing Tool, Ross Guberman of Briefcatch.

Ordinarily, referring to a person as a “tool” isn’t particularly complimentary because the term describes  a person whose ego exceeds his talent. That said, I don’t think that this week’s guest, Legal Writing Pro  Ross Guberman will take offense because his new product, Brief Catch  captures Ross’ legal writing expertise and talent and makes those…

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From Lawyer to Legal Tech: Lauren Sturdevant of Case Status

Today we welcome another lawyer to legal tech entrepreneur, Lauren Sturdevant, CEO of Case Status, a secure platform for lawyers to communicate with clients with real-time updates, with the added cool feature of allowing satisfied clients to refer their lawyer with the click of a button. Case Status enables lawyers to respond to clients quickly…

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Lawyer to Legal Tech Entrepreneur: Pablo Arredondo of Casetext

We are back on track with our Lawyer to Legal Tech Co-Founder Series. Today, we welcome Pablo Arredondo, former litigator and Casetext Co-Founder and  Chief Legal Research Officer.  Last year, I wrote that Casetext is one of the companies that is truly innovating legal research. And in fact, since my last post, Casetext has rolled…

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From Lawyer to Legal Tech Founder: How Jack West Harnessed Student Power.

Book It Legal

Happy to announce our second founder for the MyShingle profile series, Jack West of BookIt Legal. From Lawyer to Legal Tech Founder. As I mentioned last week , we’ll be profiling lawyers starting businesses in the legal tech space – with a specific emphasis on companies that at least in some way, serve solo and…

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From Lawyer to Legal Tech Founder: Krista Andrews, Family Law Attorney & #Nontechie

Today kicks off yet another MyShingle profile series, this time From Lawyer to Legal Tech Founder. Here, we’ll be profiling lawyers starting businesses in the legal tech space. Our first profile features Krista Andrews , a North Dakota based practicing family attorney and co-founder of PartUs – a collaborative, cloud-based platform that allows family law…

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What’s Next Solo? Lawyer to Legal Tech, Chad Burton, CuroLegal

The final lawyer-to-legal-tech entry in our What’s Next Solo? lineup is Chad Bruton, CEO of CuroLegal.  Although Chad had ten years of biglaw legal experience under his belt by the time he turned solo, as a still-newer attorney, he enjoyed the benefits of the technology advances like virtual law offices and distributed firms which he…

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