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Mom Owned Law Firm Interview with Jeralyn Lawrence

Jeralyn Lawrence started her law firm, Lawrence Law LLC, as a way to ensure stability and growth professionally while building something sustainable for herself, her family and her team. She believes that when it comes to work-life balance, there are only pros to owning your own law firm and is a firm believer that kids…

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Mom Owned Law Firm Interview with Rene Heinrich

As a mom and step-mom, Heinrich has a nuanced view of motherhood that she channels in her work. Particularly, when practicing family law, she focuses on collaborative child-centered divorce, and has empathy for other parents in similar roles. Inspired by a legacy of small business owners in her family, she started her own firm, The…

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Mom Owned Law Firm Interview with Nella Bloom

As the primary care-giver in her family, Bloom knows her practice Bloom & Bloom, LLC,  is vital to giving her the freedom to be present at home and design her schedule in a way that can accommodate her postpartum recovery. And while she has real worries about building her practice to be sustainable long-term, she’s…

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Mom Owned Law Firm Interview with Teresa Messer

When Teresa made the choice to leave her major immigration firm and go off on her own, she was motivated by the opportunity to spend more time with her children. Throughout her solo journey, even though there is the niggling feeling that she could always be doing more to grow her practice, the Law Office…

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Mom Owned Law Firm Interview with Jennifer McCaskill

McCaskill was familiar with hustling to make ends meet, so when she was laid off in the 2009 economy,  she knew she could take the initiative to start her own firm, the Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill, LLC. That way, she could be flexible in the way that her growing family needed. While she…

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Mom Owned Law Firm Interview with Danielle Obiorah

As owner of Obiorah Fields, LLC, Obiorah has found that money flow can be inconsistent and hard to plan for. Yet, she’s also able to enjoy control over her time by choosing the areas of law she wants to focus on, and scheduling her availability around major events with her children, instead of having to…

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Mom Owned Law Firm Interview with Anne Gyemant Paris

As a family law lawyer, Paris has found that her background as a mother informs her work with clients who are struggling to start their families. Starting her own firm, Gyemant Paris Law,  has also given her the flexibility she needed to both balance raising her family with being able to work in her preferred…

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Mom Owned Law Firm Interview with Kristina Paulter

After graduating law school, Paulter was in a quandary on how to jump-start her legal career with a husband who traveled extensively, and a daughter in daycare. Her solution was to start her own firm, Paulter Law Firm, PLLC. Though starting her own firm has had its scary moments, it has been an invaluable way…

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