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A Cool Marketing Idea from Sharmil McKee: The Harpers Index

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I’ve always enjoyed the Harpers Index and its ability to convey so much information in so few words.  So that’s probably why I was so impressed with Philadelphia based attorney Sharmil McKee’s marketing sheet entitled Interesting Facts About Sharmil McKee.  In contrast to a lengthy firm resume, the fact sheet offers just the facts such as number of clients served, average dollar value of transactions, number of transactions handled by Attorney McKee.  It’s a persuasive and attractively packaged document that answers all of the questions that you’d want a prospective client to ask.

Other advantages of the fact sheet:  you don’t need to include dates which might reveal lack of experience (for example, you may have only practiced for 6 months directly out of law school) or too much experience (you may have been working as an attorney for 30 years but just started a practice and haven’t had much experience in a new field).  And, you don’t need to specify where you acquired the experience.  So, for example, in my case, if I were to list “number of federal circuit court appeals briefed and/or argued,” I could claim around 38 (even though only 2/3 of those have been at my own practice, while the others have been with other attorneys or firms).

I’m going to prepare a fact sheet for my practice.  How about the rest of you?

Editor’s Note:  you have a really neat practice idea that you’ve not seen used elsewhere and that you’d like me to write up at MyShingle, just drop me a line at and I’ll try to post it here.

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