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Quick Tech Tips for Solos

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For those planning a technology “spring cleaning,” consult this article, Ten Must Have Web Sites for Solo Practitioners (, 3/12/07) by Rick Georges, of Future Lawyer and Solo Lawyer.  Georges identifies ten nifty applications, some of which like Zillow, Wikipedia, Google Maps and e-fax I’d consider myself a power user, while others like  I’m eager to try, such as Jott and Joopz I’m eager to try after reading what they do.

  • james dungan

    I was looking for a site that I had found a bout a year ago about a woman who used some sort of phone camera that she would mail to expert witnesses and she would have the other device of the pair and it allowed her to see and talk wit her experts very easily. do you know what that device is called? I have loooked at many of the legal texch sites but cannot find any mention of such a device? anyboby know of such?

  • DC

    As far as things like Jott go, you should check out spinvox too. They allow you to make blog posts, memos and convert voicemail into a text/email all with their voice to text services. Im using it right now…great service. Heres their site

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