First Day, Fresh Start

For me, fall brings a fresh start – both the beginning of the school year and Rosh Hashanna, the Jewish New Year. Back when I was a student, no matter how bad the previous year had been, I’d always welcome the new school year with hope and optimism.

Of course, those of us in the working world don’t have the perennial option of a fresh start. We need to affirmatively create one for ourselves as the need arises. Perhaps our fresh start might be as simple as closing out a file of a problem client and promising ourselves that you’ll never take a case where you have a gut feeling that there’s something not quite right about the client. The fresh start might involve shuttering a practice area that you never enjoyed or learning a new one. And sometimes you may not even make that fresh start at all, but you’ll start to sense the need that it’s time for change. Currently, I’m in that last category, knowing it’s time for a change, but still contemplating my path.

As for my daughters, with their first day (depicted in photos), change still comes easily. My younger daughter who didn’t like school much last year has declared that she “really loves third grade.” My older daughter’s binder is still tidy three weeks into the year; those of you who struggle with a disorganized child (or are disorganized themselves) recognize this as a major accomplishment. And actually, this school year brings a change for me as well: my daughters now ride the bus which means they’re out the door by 7:20, which gives me an extra 30-60 minutes every morning. Now, that’s a change for the better (and if you are wondering how an extra hour could make a difference…well, then, you’re probably not busy enough!)