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Score By Using SCORE For Your Practice

This week, Duct Tape Marketing features a post about SCORE, a non-profit association dedicated to entrepreneur formation, growth and education. Among its many services, SCORE can match you up with a counselor who can help with your business plan or advise on other issues related to getting a business off the ground. What most lawyers…

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DC Lawyers – Show Solidarity for Our Colleagues in Pakistan

I rarely discuss politics here, but the ABA’s planned rally to show solidarity for our colleagues in Pakistan is not an issue of politics, but law – and what lawyers are sometimes called upon to do in order to preserve the law. In our own lives as lawyers, few of us will ever experience more…

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Getting Along With Other Lawyers

John Day of Day On Torts offers some good tips on the proper way to memorialize conversations with other lawyers. Among other things, write objectively, repeat your understanding of the agreement accurately, and if you can’t remember what was discussed, admit it. Then, give your adversary a chance to make corrections. All of Day’s advice…

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Where You Can Find My Archives

Some of you new to my site may not realize this, but I started MyShingle back in December 2002, using Slashcode as my blogging platform. In November 2004, I joined the ALM Legal Blogwatch Network and moved to Typepad. Trouble is that my older posts are still buried somewhere in my computer’s storage and they’re…

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A Solo At the Supremes

Over at The WSJ Law Blog, there’s a nice profile of Richard Diaz, the Florida solo who represents Michael Williams, a defendant who is challenging the constitutionality of a federal child-pornography statute in United States v. Williams. Last week, Diaz argued the case before the Supreme Court. But despite his moment of glory at WSJ…

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An Immigration Lawyer Stands Out…Overseas

Here’s a story about Maria Celebi, a U.S. immigration lawyer with an interesting niche: she works outside of the country. After ten years of immigration practice in the United States, Celebi, along with her husband and two young children, moved to Turkey after an economic downturn in Silicon Valley. Celebi’s husband used the move to…

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7 Ways Practice Management will Help You Get a Head Start in 2018

When you’re able to accomplish more in less time, everyone wins. Your clients will get more for each billable hour they invest in you, and you’ll make more money. A lot more. Consider this: If a lawyer, who charges $365 an hour (the median rate for a consumer law attorney[1]), bills one extra hour per week, they will earn an additional $18,980 annually.