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Ipods for Clients

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Here’s a neat law firm business development idea reported in, that initially struck me as a bit high end, but is actually quite feasible even for smaller operations.  The story reports that Pinsent Masons, an international law firm with offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow have launched a service to keep clients up to date on developments in employment law.  Clients who sign up receive a number of iPods programmed to allow users to download videos and news updates prepared by the firm.   Clients can then watch videos containing both news updates on the latest developments in employment law and monthly risk management programmes.  According to the article, the service is quite popular, with several large corporations signing on.  And the law firm won an award for “most enterprising firm.”

When you think about it, decent iPod nanos start at around $150.  For most of us, that price doesn’t even amount to a full billable hour.  Moreover, if that iPod helps  you lure clients to a monthly business and counseling service for which you can charge $500 or $1000 a month, then you’ve earned a great return on your investment.   Not to mention, making your firm look really classy besides.

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